1 in 59 Children Have Autism
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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Professionals

Home Based Program

Home-based programs offer several benefits. We provide services in the home which offer convenience for parents who are faced with the daily challenges of adapting to the needs of their child. For additionally, when therapy is performed in the home, it is much easier for parents to see and hear the child and therapist interacting which leads to natural teaching opportunities. Performing therapy services in the home also offers the child and family services in a comfortable environment. The last benefit of in home services is that it allows the child to receive ABA interventions which can be generalized to other settings over time.

Clinic Based Program

Center-based programs offer other advantages. The center allows children to interact and practice the social and communication skills with other children that face the same challenges. Center-based therapy provides more opportunities to control the environment and facilitate more direct oversight than home-based therapy and can be a great choice if the home is over stimulating to the child. Center based services provide learning which help the child to learn in a more structured setting which may be helpful for adapting to school and other environments which require the ability to adapt and adjust to structure.

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Groups are offered to families who have special needs children. The support groups are offered at no cost to the family regardless of whether or not your child is in services. The support groups are facilitated by Julie Mouton, LCSW a therapist with over ten years of experience working with children and families with special needs. The group allows opportunities to discuss challenges, receive support, and obtain professional guidance on parenting challenges.